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41. Mettlesome (vurig) ::
43. Milk (melk) :: the breed does seem to milk better in harder conditions
44. Millinery (hoedemakery) :: Visitors to this years Show will find a wide range of consumer goods fashion wear millinery equestrian clothing tack antiques wines and confectionery on a record 311 trade stands
45. Minatory (dreigend) :: It will break the daily monotony of riding on cramped and airless trains
46. Mince (maalvleis) :: Lets face it beef mince especially is the worst quality meat product that is allowed to be sold
47. Minion (mignon) :: Why then insist that the minions should be happy to have suffered under colonial rule
49. Mire (modder) :: acres of land had been reduced to a mire
50. Misanthrope (misantroop) :: Where do those of us who are already parttime misanthropes go when people seem even worse than usual
52. Misnomer (wanbenaming) :: to call this neighbourhood policing would be a misnomer
55. Mitigate (versag) :: We could get bogged down in legal argument factor in mitigating circumstances and take previous behaviour into consideration
57. Modest (beskeie) :: Be honest and diligent girls tender and modest wives wise mothers and you will be good patriots
58. Modicum (greintjie) :: Besides Id probably take all morning to make them make a modicum of sense
59. Momentous (gewigtige) :: One way or another it is promising to be a momentous week in the history of York City Football Club
60. Monolithic (monolitiese) :: The media system is not monolithic dissident material does appear comparatively honest documentaries are seen

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