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41. Loll (tol) :: One of the little dogs looked up at her and then sprang to his feet bounding over to her his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth
42. Longevity (langslewendheid) :: The researchers suspect that the same genes could confer greater longevity and are measuring the animals survival rate
43. Lope (Lope) :: He grinned and broke into a lope still silent as owls wings
44. Loquacious (kwetterend) :: A selfimposed career hiatus has kept this eloquent loquacious and unpretentious streetstyle guy from touring around these parts since the late 90s
45. Lucid (helder) :: Some skeptics do not believe that there is such a state as lucid dreaming
46. Ludicrous (belaglik) :: What a shame about the ludicrous fake tans which gave them the appearance of wellripened oranges
47. Lugubrious (lugubere) :: The furniture is of the grandest and displayed in rooms lined with panelling and tapestries dim because things fade in bright light but for that reason rather lugubrious
48. Lukewarm (lou) :: Ignoring the pain Kirby poured herself some lukewarm tea into the thermos cup
49. Lumber (hout) :: Pieces of lumber appeared were carefully measured and then taken back to the workshop for fine tuning
50. Luminary (uitblinker) :: This is the sort of thing jazz luminaries do these days to make a living
51. Lummox (lomp iemand) :: I will make life so hard for these wretched lummoxes who pass for my servants that the atrocities of Ivan the Terrible will seem like a fairypicnic
52. Luscious (sappige) :: Every one of the luscious ladies had the twisted features of a bearded demonic wildly sneering Richard D James remember
53. Lynch (Lynch) :: Another theory holds that the townspeople lynched him and threw him off the bridge leading into town

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