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41. Indigence (hulpbehoewendheid) :: he did valuable work towards the relief of indigence
42. Indigenous (inheemse) :: This key issue may soon demand as much anthropological discussion research and problematising as indigenousness and the colour bar have in the past
43. Indigent (hulpbehoewende) :: There is a fondness for its indigents in Wellington I have never seen in any other community
44. Indolence (traagheid) :: my failure is probably due to my own indolence
45. Inductee (opgeroepene) ::
46. Indulgent (welwillend) :: How come society winked indulgently at his excesses while reserving stern castigation for the rest
48. Ineffable (onuitspreeklike) :: This philosophy replaces the ineffable mystery of God with the ineffable mystery of consciousness
49. Inefficacious (ondoeltreffend) :: Throughout the 18th century doctors were lampooned for their greed and dishonesty and the inefficacy of their cures
50. Inept (onbekwame) :: He visits his old office tries to help out but feels like he left the work in inept hands
52. Inertia (traagheid) :: Ignorance fear inertia and stubbornness remain to be overcome
53. Inevitable (onvermydelike) :: But in the end it appeared to be a final desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable
54. Inexorable (onverbiddelike) :: There was no capitulation over the four kilometres and there were no errors merely gradual submission to inexorable opponents
55. Inexpedient (raadsaam) :: There is no doubt that negotiations on this problem are possible and expedient since they would go a long way to close the gaps in the existing agreements on the limitation of strategic weapons
56. Infallible (onfeilbaar) :: It wasnt an altruistic thing at all but she did believe deep in her heart that an infallible God a God that would never steer her wrong was telling her requiring her to do that
57. Infamous (berugte) :: Amsterdam is famous indeed infamous for its relaxed laws on certain narcotic substances
58. Infer (Lei af) :: Berndt infers a pullapart basin as the reason for this local depression because of the location between two major strikeslip faults
59. Ingrate (ondankbaar) :: Many English people see us as whining ingrates
60. Inimical (skadelik) :: In the twentieth century Middle Eastern politics was dominated by mega versions of tribalism namely nationalism and socialism all inimical to modern development from the bottom up

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