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42. Allure (skoonheid) :: Do films have any allure for Barry who has already shown he can cross media with ease
43. Aloof (afsydig) :: He encouraged his writers to remain slightly aloof from the world they were covering
44. Altruism (altruïsme) :: The degree to which a society values altruism known as social responsibility norms can also have an effect
45. Amalgamate (amalgameer) :: Corrosion of pure and amalgamated zinc in pure concentrated solutions was investigated using two methods
46. Amass (stig) :: Little is known about how he amassed such a huge fortune before his death in 1852 aged 72
47. Ambidextrous (dubbelhandig) :: The ambidextrous safety levers were just the right size big enough to be fast and positive to release small enough that they werent accidentally released in routine carry
48. Ambiguity (dubbelsinnigheid) :: So any question of ambiguity is really dealt with in accordance with those ordinary principles
49. Ambiguous (dubbelsinnige) :: The very nature of his removal remains for the moment ambiguous
50. Ambivalence (ambivalensie) :: government ambivalence towards the arts
51. Ambulatory (ambulante) :: Sites for recruitment were inpatient medical units and ambulatory care clinics of a university hospital physicians offices and churches
52. Ameliorate (versag) :: For real amelioration in education is completely contingent upon complementary improvement in the wider societal context
54. Amiable (vriendelik) :: The result is that amiable but gullible Arthur finds himself fleeced by friends and strangers alike
55. Amity (Amity) :: But they could well be messengers of peace and amity
56. Amorphous (amorfe) :: Although its genre was fairly amorphous my novel seemed to be shaping up as a fictional work with a large factual component
57. Amortize (amortiseer) :: The Church was also instrumental in dealing with the financial crisis when the Constituent Assembly nationalized church property approximately 10 per cent of French land to be sold as a way of amortizing the state debt
59. Analgesic (pynstillende) :: You can take analgesics such as paracetamol or antiinflammatories to reduce any swelling
60. Analogous (analoog) :: This is analogous to the law relating to the fire services and quite close factually to Alexandrou v Oxford

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