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21. Veritable (ware) :: I have a number of those guidelines and one could literally drive the veritable bus through any of them
23. Vestigial (vestigiale) :: The salient features of HWs life premature stardom that drove to drink a marriage turned living hell are vestigially there but not duly explored
24. Vicissitude (wisselvallig) :: Yet the singer grew up watching what those did to her divorced parents and has since seen her brother grappling with the vicissitudes of celebrity and fleeting chart success
26. Vilification (laster) :: the vilification of minority groupings
27. Vindicate (verdedig) :: Our concerns were finally vindicated when an anonymous whistleblower called in the National Audit Office
28. Virtuosity (virtuositeit) :: a performance of considerable virtuosity
29. Virtuoso (virtuose) :: Bourgeois collectors began to play a part and Mancinis treatise Considerazioni sulla pittura addressed to the gentleman amateur advised virtuosi on how to form a collection of paintings
30. Virulent (virulente) :: An understanding of the genetic makeup of the most virulent influenza strain ever seen could help health officials manage possible pandemics in the future
31. Vital (noodsaaklik) :: This procedure uses artificial extracorporeal circulation to provide oxygenated blood to vital organs while the heart is stopped
32. Vitiate (kragteloos maak) :: The error has the consequence of vitiating the inspectors finding that the development does not accord with the policy
34. Vituperate (verguizen) :: Even when the vituperators are women they mostly fling profanities at themselves not at their male relatives
35. Vivacity (sappig) :: he was struck by her vivacity humor and charm
36. Vivify (bezielen) :: They are vivifications of the meaning of interaction between people as an engagement with contemporary society
37. Vociferous (luidkeels) :: Joe Leonard has been vociferous in his demands that Lissadell House be preserved
38. Volatile (vlugtige) :: As ordinary life becomes more volatile insecure and unpredictable in various ways people search for security in whatever ways they can muster
40. Voluble (woordryke) :: I love these guys they make me look like Im clever when really Im just voluble and profane and tediously honest

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