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23. Marsupial (buideldier) :: Tasmania was the last refuge for two large marsupial carnivores
24. Martinet (Martinet) :: He combined a martinet s toughness with a passion for exotic pornography which he would eagerly show to honoured guests in the privacy of his cabin
26. Matriarchy (matriarchie) :: Women except for the rare instances of societal matriarchies have been perceived as inferior in intelligence inadequate in controlling their body fluids and predominantly sexually moronic
27. Maudlin (dronkverdriet) :: Does it bother you that theres also a maudlin aspect
28. Maverick (Maverick) :: He was a monk and maverick philosopher she the apt and eager pupil
29. Meager (karige) :: He lives very meagerly and asks no buddy for help they dont care
31. Mellow (rustig) :: He chose a Barbaresco wine 1995 Italian red naturally a wonderfully mellow and aromatic wine which if you can afford it is excellent
32. Menagerie (dieretuin) :: Some larger menageries house animals in small barren cages that in no way encourage visitors to respect wildlife nor do they educate facilitate research or help with species preservation
33. Mendacious (leuenagtige) :: If the emphasis does not change moving away from the meaningless and mendacious formfilling of the current regime the wool will continue to be pulled over the eyes of the public and the regulator
34. Mercenary (huursoldaat) :: Being in the Army the mercenary had maps of every conceivable place on the planet
35. Mercurial (kwik) :: He had a mercurial temperament and was never one to hold back his views even in the face of opposition
36. Meretricious (ontuchtig) :: In stark contrast to the Dome which symbolises all that is trashy and meretricious in contemporary Britain the Great Exhibition was the wonder of its age a living expression of the countrys growing majesty
37. Merge (saam te smelt) :: The retirement option would be available to those who have completed 40 years of age and seven years of service with the bank including in those entities which have merged with the bank
39. Meticulous (noukeurige) :: You are known to be a rather meticulous musician with a great attention to details
40. Mettle (staal) :: Although Kelly presents herself as uncomplicated and cheerful every so often the public glimpse her true mettle

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