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21. Lax (laks) :: And then suddenly the pain was gone diminishing from whence it came she fell lax in his arms her eyes closed in a state of dormancy
22. Leaven (suurdeeg) :: These ingredients have been used individually in the preparation of other yeast leavened dough products
23. Legend (legende) :: The coach who helped guide Amir Khan to an Olympic silver medal says the Bolton teenager can become a boxing legend
24. Legion (legio) :: Deservedly the DS has garnered a legion of admirers from every generation of drivers born since
25. Lethargic (traag) :: If you are confused lethargic or have a fever someone should take you to the hospital
26. Levee (rivierdijk) :: Now America has had to pay the price for ignoring loud warnings about the weakened levees of New Orleans
27. Levity (onstandvastigheid) :: There are moments of levity but they dont last long
28. Libertarian (liberalis) :: Civil libertarians and privacy advocates will no doubt continue to call for caution in consumers use of the VeriChip
29. Libertine (libertijnse) :: Postmoral traditionhating libertines might do well to pause in the midst of their celebrations to consider this
30. Lien (retensiereg) :: Mrs D will transfer her interest in the matrimonial home to Mr D provided that she can lift the Legal Aid liens on the property to a payment agreement form
31. Limerick (Limerick) :: Stoppard uses a dazzling range of literary and theatrical effects from Wildean epigram to a scene written entirely in limericks from a suggestion of striptease to a lecture on Marxist theory
32. Limpid (helder) :: On the contrary a limpid understated vignette can be just as strong and striking
33. Liniment (salf) :: Other household items carried by the stores on wheels included washing powder liniments salve and lye used for making soap
34. Lint (pluis) :: High contrast helps a lot so I can see a tiny piece of lint on a dark carpet
36. Lithe (lenige) :: One of my coworkers is a tall lanky guy who is amazingly lithe and flexible
37. Liturgy (liturgie) :: I tend to complain about bad liturgies but Im sure the priests during liturgy properly would appreciate the support since the pressure from the liturgist community is probably great
38. Livid (woedend) :: It was a livid blue colour although sometimes it melded through a shocking purple into a bright red
40. Lofty (verhewe) :: You still enter a lofty domed hall by a small door set in an imposing gate

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