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21. Emancipate (bevry) :: The working class will not be in a position to create a science and an art of its own until it has been fully emancipated from its present class position
22. Embezzle (verduisteren) :: She thought that somebody was dipping their hands in the pot as she put it and embezzling her money
24. Embroil (war) :: He was embroiled in a heated exchange at a public inquiry into controversial plans to build a mosque in his Clitheroe ward
25. Emerge (na vore) :: In this simulation a noticeable warm pattern emerges in the 1980s and 1990s
26. Emollient (sussend) :: What he gets is the poignant emollient presence of Connelly who looks soulfully at him
27. Empirical (empiriese) :: You cant apply probabilistic methods to a phenomenon where there is no empirical evidence
28. Emulate (navolg) :: Amanda talks about how she wishes Tom would emulate his father in only one respect his attention to personal appearance
30. Endorse (onderskryf) :: The House of Councillors voted 210 to 23 to endorse the bill to revise the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law
31. Endow (doteren) :: He had been an ardent supporter and endower of the Abbey and is fitting that he should be buried here
32. Endurance (uithouvermoƫ) :: A Swindon doctor and marathon runner looks set to finish the ultimate endurance test in the Sahara Desert
33. Enduring (blywende) :: Always busy and enduringly popular as a venue
34. Enervate (slap) :: The feeling of aimlessness and enervation was alarming and the resulting imagery memorable
35. Enfranchise (vry maak) :: One reason may have been the passage in 1965 of the Voting Rights Act which quickly and effectively enfranchised Southern blacks who had been barred from the polls for many years
36. Engender (voortbring) :: And somehow this engenders a sense that somebody is going to come after us
38. Enhance (verbeter) :: You can make things even clearer by adding text and images as well enhancing the learning experience
39. Enigma (raaisel) :: Not that its mysteries will readily reveal themselves one finds oneself rereading passages to crack its subtle enigmas tantalised by the missing puzzle piece that lies just beyond all that is visible
40. Enigmatic (raaiselagtige) :: Mostly though this stuff is short enigmatic insubstantial and exciting

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