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21. Delineation (afbakening) :: Smooth gradients typically work better than sharp delineations of color
22. Demagogue (demagoog) :: Tradition condemned the demagogues as tyrants who manipulated public opinion for their own selfish ends
23. Demur (bedenking) :: Youll have to talk to the industry spokespeople about that he demurred
24. Denigrate (denigrerend) :: Yet backwardness might not be tantamount to barbarism or even backward in any denigratory way
25. Denounce (veroordeel) :: I tread dangerous ground for normal reaction would surely bring instant denouncement to this apparently absurd notion
26. Deplete (uitput) :: Stade started the game with a severely depleted team but it was hard to spot the gaps
27. Deplore (betreur) :: Colleen groaned and rolled onto her side looking deploringly at her mother
28. Depravity (verdorwenheid) :: Urban poverty was itself a serious problem but many activists were concerned more specifically with the plight of children who were exposed to such an environment of material deprivation and moral depravity
29. Deprecate (afkeuren) :: This sort of deprecation needs to stop if we ever want to feel proud of who we are
30. Deride (spot) :: Many food trends have come and gone since she became famous and she remained unmoved deriding the antibutterfat lobby and other bores
31. Derision (bespotting) :: It was greeted with derision there is really no other word for it around the country
32. Derogatory (neerhalende) :: I could only make out my name and from her tone of voice I realized that it was used in derogatory terms
33. Descry (bespied) :: Commissioned to dispel the clouds the samurai stared upward and descried a weird form in the clouds
34. Desecrate (skend) :: Human productivity and excellence if achieved by way of human desecration and abuse can only result in eventual catastrophe
35. Desecration (ontheiliging) :: the desecration of swathes of Scotlands landscape
36. Desist (ophou) :: Perhaps if those who reviled and insulted Said could have read this book they might have desisted
37. Despondent (moedeloos) :: I remember how despondent and disheartened we were as the doctors findings were reported
38. Destitution (armoede) :: the family faced eviction and destitution
39. Desultory (oppervlakkig) :: The first incoming flight organised by the CIA was welcomed with desultory bursts of antiaircraft fire
40. Deter (afskrik) :: Meanwhile a minister yesterday said schools colleges and universities must play their part in deterring young people from turning to extremism

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