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1. pace (tempo) :: A possessor of great pace power and strength he also has the necessary wit and guile to progress to the very top of his sport
2. pack (pak) :: Frank noisily rummages around a drawer and gets a pack of cigarettes and lights one
3. package (pakket) :: news package
4. packaging (verpakking) :: These vegan soaps have biodegradable packaging
5. packet (pakket) :: a hectic social life could cost a packet
6. page (bladsy) :: Born in Holland Keppel attended William of Orange to England in 1688 as a page of honour
7. pain (pyn) :: Apart from my heart was swelling so much I thought it may explode all my mental pain was gone
8. painful (pynlike) :: Follow this with a massage of the painful and aching areas with the following ointment
9. paint (verf) :: Come here Mum said and smeared white face paint all over Abbys face
10. painter (skilder) :: Theres even an artist a painter to keep an illustrated record of the trip
11. painting (skildery) :: she did the painting herself
12. pair (paar) :: The pair of articles provoked a large number of responses from readers
13. palace (paleis) :: Most sculpture is carved in white marble and often is displayed in palaces and public buildings
14. pale (bleek) :: Our house in Ireland was really nothing more then a cottage with white shingles on the pointed roof the outer boards a pale shade of green
16. panel (paneel) :: The fire resulted from a short in an electrical panel that ignited flammable materials in the 100percentoxygen atmosphere
17. pants (broek) :: He wore all black by way of a silken shirt leather pants and combat boots
18. paper (papier) :: The supervisor nods and continues to make annotations on a sheet of paper
20. parent (ouer) :: The three propagation methods above will produce a new lily plant identical to the parent

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