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1. keen (gretig) :: They will stock a huge range of toys at keen prices
2. keep (hou) :: the Society are paying for your keep
3. key (sleutel) :: The technique gives a high key but a reduced range of brightness
4. keyboard (sleutelbord) :: Everyone who has a computer has a keyboard but not everyone has a joystick or gamepad
5. kick (skop) :: He was knocked out by a kick to the head
6. kid (kind) :: I dont kid myself that it will be of interest to anybody but myself so Ive created another blog for the purpose
7. kill (doodmaak) :: When news of the kill reached the Indians on the beach they organized a celebration at their community centre seven miles away
8. killing (moord) :: A few public men carried away by the excitement attempted to justify these killings
11. kind (soort) :: He didnt seem the kind of guy who would just get talking to a stranger
12. kindly (vriendelik) :: With due respect to your person I kindly wish to ask for your attention and consideration just for a while
13. kindness (vriendelikheid) :: The family thanks them all for their many kindnesses good wishes and expressions of sympathy and wishes that in lieu of flowers they make a donation to a charity of their choice
14. king (koning) :: Bahrain is a traditional monarchy in which the king is the chief of state
15. kiss (soen) :: She had a very sweet delicate kiss and when we would kiss it was with love passion and lots of good stuff went with it
16. kitchen (kombuis) :: Their young children attend local schools and English is rapidly becoming the language spoken at the kitchen table
17. knee (knie) :: She slowly got up and her knees buckled
18. knife (mes) :: He received a number of stitches for knife wounds to his chest and arm
19. knit (gebreide) :: The family system is so closely knit here that there is simply no room for any one member of the family to be discarded

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