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1. jacket (baadjie) :: Bosch designed a thin inner liner of soft steel that sealed the gases in its pressure load supported by a stout perforated steel jacket
2. jam (konfyt) :: he had the opportunity to jam with Atlanta blues musicians
4. jealous (jaloers) :: We stopped sleeping together but when Hanna got a new boyfriend I was jealous for the first time ever
6. jelly (gelei) :: They are caused by clumps of material suspended in the vitreous jelly that fills the back of the eye
7. jewellery (juweliersware) :: Max a goldsmith and engraver established a company that manufactured costume jewelry
8. job (werk) :: cleaning the toilet is a horrible job
9. join (aansluit) :: Residents from Bennekerry and Browneshill were the first to join together to oppose a bypass through the area
10. joint (gesamentlike) :: We all decided to go to another burger joint in town
11. joke (grap) :: It is thought that the hoax may have begun as a joke but it got out of hand
12. journalist (joernalis) :: The idea was to give journalists editors and publishers a chance to ask questions
13. journey (reis) :: He was halfway through on his return journey when a light flicked on in the passageway
14. joy (vreugde) :: the joy of being alive
15. judge (regter) :: Concurrency had never been in issue before the sentencing judge in the County Court
17. juice (sap) :: Choose water club soda diet soda fruit juice tea and coffee first
19. jump (spring) :: Jenny gave a jump of surprise and turned bright red

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