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1. ice (ys) :: Cooper said his little speech with ice in his voice but otherwise emotionless and calm
2. ice cream (roomys) ::
3. idea (idee) :: Yet this has been accompanied by a huge growth in belief in the idea that our lives are ruled by the stars and in a world of spirits unknown to the sciences
4. ideal (ideale) :: Ms Toynbee works on that fantastic assumption underlying the ideal of universal education that everyone can be and wants to be and therefore should be educated
5. identify (identifiseer) :: he was able to identify her by her voice
6. identity (identiteit) :: The law states that photographs on Italian identity cards must show a persons features clearly
8. ignore (ignoreer) :: Still this hardly puts enough of a blight on the play if anything MacDonnell is eminently ignorable to stop me from recommending it unreservedly
9. ill (siek) :: And thats part of trying to educate people about drugs and warn them about the ill effects of drugs
10. illegal (onwettige) :: When we looked into it a number of computers were generating lots of illegal traffic
11. illness (siekte) :: Other viral illnesses such as mumps and rubella may also trigger Bells palsy
12. illustrate (illustreer) :: The cases of Lithuania Uzbekistan and Russia serve to illustrate why this is the case
13. image (beeld) :: Weve been negligent in our examination of what it means to be recreated in the image of Christ
14. imaginary (denkbeeldige) :: How they coped with this transfer of power is a vital part of these imaginary conversations
15. imagination (verbeelding) :: she was set in her ways and lacked imagination
16. imagine (dink) :: But it is difficult to imagine who is going to be fooled by this
17. immediate (onmiddellike) :: The Rural Forum aims to find longterm ways of rebuilding a strong sustainable and more diverse rural economy once the immediate farming crisis has been dealt with
18. immediately (onmiddellik) :: Juno Beach was six miles wide and the Germans had fortified the area immediately behind the beach
19. immoral (immoreel) :: Theyre not only seen as polluters but as Bad People as selfish and immoral individuals
20. impact (impak) :: Weather conditions might also impact negatively on voter turnout

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