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1. cabinet (kabinet) :: Before he became prime minister he had also headed the powerful education and industries ministries as well as the cabinet committee on economic affairs
2. cable (kabel) :: And even though we have cable we watch all the Spanish language channels to entertain us and inform us about whats going on in the world
3. cake (koek) :: Its a lamb filet stuffed with a veal mixture and a side of layered bacon potato foie gras and cabbage in the shape of a cake
4. calculate (bereken) :: To ensure the runway is long enough always calculate the acceleratestop distance
5. calculation (berekening) :: You could hear the whirr and hum of political calculation the internal hedging of bets
6. call (oproep) :: I distinctly heard you call
8. calm (kalm) :: For gamblers used to the relative calm of Las Vegas the feeding frenzy in Macao can be a bit of a shock
9. camera (kamera) :: Film from CCTV cameras in the club has been taken away as part of the police inquiry
10. camp (kamp) :: So far the woman has voted off four blokes all of whom have been quite camp and only one of them has turned out to be gay
11. campaign (veldtog) :: And he has now backed a local campaign against the show and vowed to go to prison in defence of his religion
13. can (kan) :: we can have another drink if you like
14. can (kan) :: we can have another drink if you like
15. cancel (kanselleer) :: The document also calls on international financial institutions and donor countries to cancel Africas debt in order to free up resources to fight the disease
16. cancer (Kanker) :: Denos died last Wednesday after a long battle against cancer and the lung disease emphysema
17. candidate (kandidaat) :: Eileens bubbly personality makes her an ideal candidate for setting up such a group
18. candy (lekkergoed) :: Okay its not exactly sugarfree since some of the dried fruits are candied with sugar
19. cannot (kan nie) ::

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