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162. truly (werklik) :: Still these guys are serious musicians and havent lost the touch of writing some truly wonderful songs
163. trust (vertroue) :: Although recent events may have combined to erode this trust and our belief in its abilities we must strive to recall how effective a therapeutic tool it once was
164. truth (waarheid) :: tell me the truth
165. try (probeer) :: Cromwell who had wanted to spare the King saw no way out but to try him for treason
166. tube (buis) :: Sally spent countless hours in front of the tube last season watching the games she was unable to attend in person
168. tune (deuntjie) :: His strange tunings and offputting falsetto are still hanging around
169. tunnel (tonnel) :: A tunnel closed and the road was down to two lanes
170. turn (draai) :: Schrekers opera not as a work from a turn of the century long ago but as a paradigm with very contemporary relevance
171. twelve (twaalf) :: At ten past twelve I looked at my watch and realised oh
172. twenty (twintig) :: However the biggest sign of political pulling power is the ability to gather twenty or thirty people to gaze outwardly at the TV cameras from behind the leader while he is speaking
173. twice (twee keer) :: Two students who went to her aid were shot one in the leg the other twice in the stomach
174. twin (tweeling) :: He could have just been a twin to the smaller man
175. twist (draai) :: he handed her a twist of paper
176. twisted (gedraai) :: He was a bipolar twisted mess of a man
177. two (twee) :: We would expect them to have comparable mental agility until the age of two
178. type (tipe) :: The discussion about this issue was deferred to future events of this type
179. typical (tipiese) :: The sociodemographic characteristics were typical of patients seen at this hospital
180. typically (tipies) ::

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