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162. romantic (romantiese) :: In contrast to liberty equality is an almost intangible romantic dream to be realized sometime in the future
163. roof (dak) :: fan vaults roof these magnificent buildings
164. room (kamer) :: There is also a small utility room and separate storage room in this area
165. root (wortel) :: The root of the hair extends down into the follicle and widens into a bulb at its base which is the center of hair growth
166. rope (tou) :: They rope his hand and attach the other end to a door bolt and leave the poor dolt there
167. rough (rowwe) :: He was standing frozen in the doorway a rough sack of belongings slung over his shoulder
168. roughly (rofweg) :: That lack of change means that the economy was roughly speaking growing at its potential rate
169. round (ronde) :: To deepen the stretch slowly extend arms and round spine forward letting the weight of the torso fall forward
170. rounded (afgeronde) :: Missing from the documentary is a more rounded picture of Denglers life after his return to the US from Vietnam
171. route (roete) :: the coastal route
172. routine (roetine) :: If you wouldnt mind stepping out of the car well just perform a routine search and be on our way
173. row (ry) :: A Planning Service approval to build a multistorey apartment block in Newry is at the centre of a blazing row

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