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161. powerful (kragtige) :: We need a powerful English Parliament with equal funding to that of other UK regional ones
162. practical (praktiese) :: Internships and coop opportunities turn classroom theory into practical handson experience
163. practically (prakties) :: Ben was standing close to me so close that I had to practically crane my neck to look at him
164. practice (praktyk) :: itll come with more practice
166. praise (lof) :: However like most business correspondence praise comes rarely and complaints come often
167. pray (Bid) :: But hundreds of people gathered outside to sing hymns and pray on his behalf
168. prayer (gebed) :: Youth will begin the workshops with opening and closing prayers and a sunrise ceremony each day
169. precise (presiese) :: He was very precise when it came to how much of what his animals ate
170. precisely (presies) :: the guidelines are precisely defined
171. predict (voorspel) :: In one study level of violence was the greatest predictor of separation and divorce
172. prefer (verkies) :: When and if our country becomes a republic it will be in the form and with the structures preferred by the people
173. preference (voorkeur) :: Club players have a preference for Bank Holiday weekends to be kept free of fixtures thus enabling them to take a weekend off with family or friends
174. pregnant (swanger) :: Now she was pregnant too young to be legally married and some difficult decisions would have to be made
176. preparation (voorbereiding) :: One of the tricky aspects of diagnosing food intolerance is that some people are sensitive not to the food itself but to a substance or ingredient used in the preparation of the food
177. prepare (voor te berei) :: schools should prepare children for life
178. prepared (bereid) ::
179. presence (teenwoordigheid) :: Internally a strong secret police had a shadowy presence in the universities and institutions
180. present (teenwoordig) :: to present theories as facts

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