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161. explain (verduidelik) :: he makes athletes explain why they made a mistake
162. explanation (verduideliking) :: Each paragraph contains a detailed explanation in easytounderstand terms
163. explode (ontplof) :: Surely she wouldnt explode with anger and stomp off
164. explore (verken) :: he sets out to explore fundamental questions
165. explosion (ontploffing) :: Nero had to quickly prepare himself for the explosion of anger that was to come
166. export (uitvoer) :: With sheer devotion and dedication he built his company into a key tea exporter and spread its wings to export black tea to over 15 nations
167. expose (bloot te stel) :: An inclination to tyranny has seldom been so readily exposed by a public figure
168. express (uit te druk) :: If we can express a square number also as the sum of two other square numbers then Pythagoras Theorem tells us that we have three sides of a rightangled triangle
169. expression (uitdrukking) :: Jade nodded with a contemplative expression and led him down to the lower floors
170. extend (uit te brei) :: So far Nepal has created fourteen protected areas covering at least ten percent of the countrys land mass and there are plans to extend these protected areas
171. extension (uitbreiding) :: Space was the empty extension that allowed his bits of matter his atoms to move about
172. extensive (uitgebreide) :: It is located within a cluster of houses and has a side entrance and an extensive rear garden
173. extent (mate) :: McConnells speech may have been partly designed to wake people up to the extent of the upheaval ahead
174. extra (ekstra) :: The amount of these extra payments differs from one bank to another
175. extraordinary (buitengewone) :: She was a woman of extraordinary courage and remarkable ability and no one can doubt that Tony Benn was lucky to have found and married her
176. extreme (uiterste) :: But this new world faces a new threat of disorder and chaos born either of brutal states armed with weapons of mass destruction or of extreme terrorist groups
177. extremely (uiters) :: this is an extremely difficult thing to do
178. eye (oog) :: If we want a different eye colour we get coloured contact lenses

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