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161. committee (komitee) :: a committee meeting
162. common (algemene) :: In the past it was common to find quite different spellings for the same locality
164. communicate (kommunikeer) :: Good writers are particularly skilled in doing that crafting words that not only communicate the information but do it in a way that makes it interesting and even entertaining
165. communication (kommunikasie) :: there was a lack of communication between Pamela and her parents
166. community (gemeenskap) :: It set a new tone about the business community and unions working together from a different perspective
167. company (maatskappy) :: a shipping company
168. compare (vergelyk) :: Because if there were an experience to compare with that Im thinking it would be a rather undersubscribed activity
169. comparison (vergelyking) :: this is lovely in comparison with that
170. compete (kompeteer) :: He has been competing for just over two and half years but has already stamped his class over a host of tremendous fights
171. competition (kompetisie) :: In the present study small individuals of this species died in competition with large ones in field trials
172. competitive (mededingende) :: But the demands of success on the competitive circuit led to the drafting in of professional players
173. complain (kla) :: We packed up the scope first then the picnic stuff and the kids went sleepily and complainingly into their carseats last
174. complaint (klagte) :: Why didnt you go to the VA with a medical complaint
175. complete (volledige) :: It breaks my heart to talk about it but this list wouldnt be complete without its inclusion
177. complex (komplekse) :: It is part of a complex of closely related gull species that interbreed readily
178. complicate (bemoeilik) :: Pregnancy is not an absolute contraindication to travel unless complicated by an unstable medical condition or impending labor
179. complicated (ingewikkeld) :: We are all for complicated elements but Id say with an elegant style of performance
180. computer (rekenaar) :: computer system

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