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161. apple (appel) :: Eighteen lumps of different cheeses littered the table amongst baskets of green and red apples and ripe pears
162. application (aansoek) :: Revenue problems will be dealt with separately through a general rate application in the spring
163. apply (aansoek doen) :: to apply a name to sth
164. appoint (aanstel) :: What happens if some individuals are appointed to this authority who turn out to be absolute disasters
165. appointment (aanstelling) :: I have been told they should have made an appointment before visiting and I am not obliged to tell them anything
166. appreciate (waardeer) :: Tokyo is of course a maritime city and a great port but people who visit do not always fully appreciate this
167. approach (benadering) :: We met an uncooperative approach from the claimants solicitors which put us to expense in itself
168. appropriate (toepaslike) :: he didnt get appropriate training
169. approval (goedkeuring) :: he gave me a nod of approval
170. approve (goed te keur) :: Members voted to approve the plans claiming the proposals were in accordance with policy and that there was both local and historic interest
171. approving (goedkeuring) :: He noted how US companies unlike their competitors are prohibited by law from bribing government officials responsible for approving contracts
172. approximate (geskatte) :: When is the approximate best time to get an accurate body fat percentage reading
173. approximately (ongeveer) :: its ten miles approximately
175. area (gebied) :: Alternatively smoke from burning moxa can be wafted over the painful area of the body using a smoke box
176. argue (argumenteer) :: Many now argue that the reporter is needed to provoke engagement with the viewer
178. arise (ontstaan) :: The biggest problems arose in cases where people were building their homes by direct labour
180. armed (gewapende) :: No one in West Yorkshire Police will be prosecuted over the shooting of a former soldier armed with an airgun it was announced yesterday

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