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141. translation (vertaling) :: the translation of the relics of St Thomas of Canterbury
142. transparent (deursigtige) :: Glass is transparent it refracts light it may be coloured and it may be surface decorated by cutting grinding sand blasting and painting
143. transport (vervoer) :: Free competition in road passenger transport promises travellers a better deal
144. transportation (vervoer) :: There are transportation costs company profits all that sort of thing
146. travel (reis) :: Youd have to travel back in time almost 20 years to find their origin
148. treat (behandel) :: While most toddlers might get a trip to the pictures for their birthday treat Brooklyns superstar mum and dad have hired out the whole cinema for his big day
149. treatment (behandeling) :: An Alzheimers charity claims new health guidelines could be denying local dementia sufferers an effective treatment
150. tree (boom) :: As you build up the GUI the design tree reflects the widget hierarchy
151. trend (tendens) :: In the future demographics may alter food trends in yet different directions
152. trial (verhoor) :: Its an edited version of a real criminal trial before a real judge and jury
153. triangle (driehoek) :: We decided to make a percussion supergroup with me on the triangle but after a couple of minutes and ringing ears we realised that this wasnt the best thing to do for our sanity
154. trick (truuk) :: There was a shadow or a trick of the light where wall should be
157. tropical (tropiese) :: Theres a summery good time tropical feel to reggae in the Pacific
158. trouble (moeilikheid) :: hes gone to a lot of trouble to help you
160. truck (vragmotor) :: Your job as a forklift truck operator would be to load and unload goods deliveries and move them to and from storage areas in a warehouse or depot

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