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141. rice (rys) :: Pasta can be made from soft wheat durum wheat buckwheat rice soya beans and mung beans
142. rich (ryk) :: She uses the rich fabric of silk and the fur because she wanted to talk about the desire these objects arouse
143. rid (ontslae) :: Gorbachev blamed himself for being too concerned about playing by democratic rules and not simply ridding the party of forces opposed to his reforms when he had a chance
144. ride (rit) :: a stream of young surfers fighting the elements to ride the waves
145. rider (ruiter) :: As a rider to this overview of the role of music in this story however I want to suggest an adjustment of perspective
146. ridiculous (belaglik) :: Curry plays Arthur as a mildly worldweary but genial uncle figure perplexed but beamingly amused by the ridiculousness of the situation he finds himself in
147. riding (ry) :: The scouts will be exposed to a host of outdoor activities including horseback riding kayaking sailing rowing and hiking
148. right (reg) :: The company is certainly right not to allow its business decisions to be dictated by a single ratings agency
149. rightly (tereg) :: if I remember rightly she never gives interviews
153. rise (styg) :: Increasing use of email has already prompted a rise in the price of posting a letter
154. risk (risiko) :: She couldnt risk anyone seeing it and spreading new rumors
155. rival (mededinger) :: The company beat off competition from several rivals to win the deal and in doing so has scored an important endorsement for its expansion into server management
156. river (rivier) :: His bloated face was rivered with veins like raspberry ripple icecream
157. road (pad) :: The next day thousands of workers defied armed police and blockaded a major toll road into the provincial capital
158. rob (beroof) :: However big the reparation they receive it will never replace what they have been robbed of
159. rock (rots) :: If an animal threatened to get out of place a hiss or a shout or a wellaimed rock would turn it back where it belonged but such measures were not often necessary
160. role (rol) :: the role of Hamlet is much sought after

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