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141. exclude (uitsluit) :: The National Marine Fisheries Service will provide the aquariums with a turtle excluder a device required on ocean shrimp trawls
143. excuse (verskoning) :: A cultural practice that is manifestly wrong on humanist grounds becomes the excuse for a colonizing mission whose tactics are in turn violent and unjust
144. executive (uitvoerende) :: The managing directors of the subsidiary organizations felt that the management executive would never see it their way and would continue to cut their budgets
145. exercise (oefening) :: It says Congress shall make no law establishing a religion or interfering with the free exercise thereof
146. exhibit (uitstalling) :: What are the chances of the same shows being reviewed when so many artists exhibit in Toronto
147. exhibition (uitstalling) :: Coach Dec Rivers says he will not baby Hill during camp or the exhibition season
148. exist (bestaan) :: only a minority of people exist on unemployment benefits alone
149. existence (bestaan) :: Of a previous existence I know no more than others for all have stammering intimations that may be memories and may be dreams
150. exit (uitgang) :: The rest of the players exit the curtain falls and the stage is reset
151. expand (uit te brei) :: There is a tremendous sense of the city expanding and prospering
152. expect (verwag) :: People do not pay taxes but expect us to provide them with facilities
153. expectation (verwagting) :: There is an expectation that there will be a reduction in staff numbers in the UK
155. expense (koste) :: The only such expense incurred to date relates to one session of dance lessons in which the petitioner enrolled the children
156. expensive (duur) :: There seems to be a failure to understand just how expensive it is to run a teaching hospital
157. experience (ervaring) :: We send officers abroad to gain experience and pass that knowledge to the other members
158. experienced (ervaar) :: He is also an experienced competitor on this stage suggesting he would be tough to overcome
159. experiment (eksperiment) :: It is certainly a socialist experiment in that it destroys individuality
160. expert (kenner) :: she has expert language skills

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