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141. answer (antwoord) :: To me he is the British answer to Chekhov
143. anticipate (antisipeer) :: Vilma doesnt just run fast and hit hard hes a smart player who can read and react anticipate plays and learn quickly from mistakes
144. anxiety (angs) :: He added that farmers anxieties had been increasing in Ryedale following the recent new cases in Wharfedale
145. anxious (angstig) :: She prefers independent travel and is anxious to avoid busy resorts fulls of couples and families
146. any (enige) :: itll not make any difference
147. anybody (enigiemand) :: Anybody who is anybody goes to Truvys beauty salon to get her hair done
148. anyone (enigiemand) :: This album is all kinds of good things and I would recommend it to anyone who likes lovely music
149. anything (enigiets) :: Now he is ready willing and able to face up to anything the championship can throw at him
150. anyway (in elk geval) :: I dont know if I could have trusted someone so much but I would have asked the questions anyway
151. anywhere (oral) :: This was as good a goal as you would see anywhere this year and is definitely a candidate for the goal of the season accolade
152. apart (afgesien) :: The exterior of the towers was made of 12inch steel columns spaced four feet apart
153. apart from (behalwe vir) ::
154. apartment (woonstel) :: This was the room directly below the Cube Room which once formed the north entrance to the private apartments and is now the public entrance
155. apologize (vra om verskoning) :: She apologizes for being late saying that she miscalculated the traffic
156. apparent (oënskynlike) :: In each case our being embodied explains the confusion of apparent with real properties
157. apparently (blykbaar) :: The girl who was apparently attacked is being talked to quietly away from the others
158. appeal (appélleer) :: What held my attention however was the appeal in his eyes
159. appear (verskyn) :: The word muggle is to appear in a major dictionary for the first time
160. appearance (voorkoms) :: The sudden appearance of an array of conservative politicians on the advisory panels is worrisome

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