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121. touch (raak) :: I only tolerated him because he was good for a touch now and then
122. tough (taai) :: This was a very tough exciting match and at half time we were down 2 tries
123. tour (toer) :: a motoring tour of Scotland
124. tourist (toeriste) :: Ive been touristing refuse to go travelling say no with Joe for a few months now and there are a couple of soundbitesmottos that remind me of the whole experience including when we hooked up with Mike
126. tower (toring) :: The Liberation Tower is the fifth tallest communication tower in the world
127. town (dorp) :: They have to come into town to do their shopping and that costs money
128. toy (speelding) :: The result is a digital rendering of each concept and a fullsize sculpted model of the toy in foam
129. trace (spoor) :: On butcher paper trace the outline of the chair seat then add 1 inch around all sides
130. track (spoor) :: However because Arrow trains require a different gauge track a new line needs to be put down
131. trade (handel) :: Illicit dealers targeted the trade as demand for poultry meat increased year on year
133. tradition (tradisie) :: Additionally her characters have exotic and sometimes grotesque attributes that bring to mind the Surrealist tradition
134. traditional (tradisionele) :: Nonetheless he applauds how Edinburgh and Glasgow have both moved away from traditional jazz in order to encompass wider definitions of the genre
135. traffic (verkeer) :: I got caught in the match traffic half hour drive to go 3 miles
136. train (trein) :: This time it is very different because Isaiah sees there the Lord high and lifted up and the train of his robe filling the temple
137. training (opleiding) :: He said his training had prepared him well to be in combat but he had no desire to return to battle after being wounded
138. transfer (oordrag) :: The direct transfer of wealth and material from conquered peoples as practised by the Romans the British and even the Russians after 1945 just hasnt happened
139. transform (omskep) :: All variables used in this study were transformed to natural logarithms before the correlation analyses were performed
140. translate (vertaal) :: Either way such failures of easy translatability are far too localized to encourage talk of different conceptual schemes

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