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121. rest (res) :: Withprofits policyholders should rest assured that there is no danger to their investments
123. restore (herstel) :: The need to restore royal authority to return the realm to its condition in his grandfathers reign was one of the main forces behind Henry IIs reforms
124. restrict (beperk) :: This might take the form of individual and personal interference with a single drinker or it might take the form of a massive social movement aimed at restricting the freedom of all drinkers and at destroying the saloon as an institution
125. restricted (beperk) :: Consequently owing to the restrictedness of our individual perspectives and the finiteness of our particular existence we are likely at times to shrink reality down to those aspects which we can easily abstract from or correlate with our own limited experience
126. restriction (beperking) :: Often the speed restrictions in rural villages extend out into the countryside
127. result (gevolg) :: There were dramatic increases in productivity as a result of this product
128. retain (behou) :: But university administrators complain that the funding crunch is hobbling their efforts to recruit and retain the worlds best and brightest
129. retire (aftree) :: The game turned out to be his last professional outing as unnecessary injury problems forced yet another player to retire early
130. retired (afgetrede) :: A great number of travelers are attracted by the beauty and charm of the Old City and the Snow Mountain keeping pouring and lingering on their primitive simplicity retiredness and quietness
131. retirement (aftrede) :: The former Indian seam bowler Venkatesh Prasad has announced his retirement from cricket
132. return (terugkeer) :: state the reason for the return of the goods
133. reveal (openbaar) :: The big reveal is more melancholy than terrifying and in questionable taste
135. review (resensie) :: The majority of articles in this review acknowledged individual andor systemic racism
136. revise (hersien) :: It was a favourite place for students to revise for examinations
137. revision (hersiening) :: Winston Churchills reputation has proved remarkably resilient to revision
138. revolution (revolusie) :: In 1979 the USbacked dictator in Nicaragua Antonio Somoza was overthrown by a popular revolution
139. reward (beloning) :: Stand by the cairn and the reward is more than fair
140. rhythm (ritme) :: limericks have a characteristic rhythm and rhyme scheme

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