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121. pocket (sak) :: A little French is indispensable even if its just from pocket dictionaries and phrase books
122. poem (gedig) :: So many of her poems express some combination of confusion and lament about the decline
123. poetry (gedigte) :: Many students would be happier if poetry was poetry and criticism was criticism
124. point (punt) :: Ballets use of point shoes is not intended to cripple the dancers feet
125. pointed (gepunte) :: I shoot him a pointed look that just pours suspicion and distrust
126. poison (gif) :: It is not just adverse events that can poison a positive working atmosphere
127. poisonous (giftige) :: The media staffers and politicians feed off this poisonous atmosphere in a building that contains some fine art and architecture but no soul and no warmth
128. pole (paal) :: Then lift the pole so the hook and the bulk shot is clear of the water
129. police (polisie) :: If there is a crime committed and the police go in with a search warrant they just seize whatever is relevant
130. policy (beleid) :: Ive made it a policy not to discuss such issues in public
132. polite (beleefd) :: The musical life of polite European society was a different world altogether
133. political (politiese) :: This was in part the result of the grand strategy of the major political parties
135. politician (politikus) :: Each of the fifty states has a constitution and set of laws each elects politicians
136. politics (politiek) :: In any war the main victims are members of the general public who do not have any direct association with politics and power
137. pollution (besoedeling) :: Their environmental impact and contribution to the air pollution of York streets is nil
138. pool (swembad) :: This should be completed several days prior to departing the motor pool to allow time for parts to arrive
139. poor (swak) :: Beknazarov represented the remote constituency of Aksy district a poor region in the south of the country

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