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121. morning (oggend) :: a hint of steely light showed that morning was on its way
122. most (die meeste) :: Cars were far from common and farming was the main source of income for most families
123. mostly (meestal) :: Death from the condition is extremely rare and mostly affects people in middle age and older
124. mother (moeder) :: shes a good mother
125. motion (beweging) :: He planned to propose a motion to City of York Council calling on it to back the campaign
127. motorbike (motorfiets) :: And there are very few such intersections in this city of 6 million people and 4 million motorbikes
128. motorcycle (motorfiets) :: Affordable financing is contributing to the skyrocketing demand for motorcycles
129. mount (berg) :: Though she was confident in her mount s abilities she says bringing home the gold was a surprise
130. mountain (berg) :: Allium bulgarium grows wild in the woodlands and mountain slopes of Turkey and the Ukraine
131. mouse (muis) :: He would mock my fair and pale skin my lank mouse brown hair and how extremely thin I was
132. mouth (mond) :: Everything was packed save for her blankets and the others were gathered at the mouth of the cave
133. move (skuif) :: If there is any move to block the deal the opinion of the Competition Authority must be sought
134. movement (beweging) :: the movement towards greater sexual equality
135. movie (Fliek) :: Because you know going to the movies is meant to be a fun outing its meant to be an enjoyable experience
136. movie theater (teater) ::
137. moving (beweeg) :: A moving particle will carry with it the energy of its motion which the physicists call kinetic energy
139. much (veel) :: I never thought wed raise as much money
140. mud (modder) :: There are too many critics who revel in slinging mud and inflicting verbal pain

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