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121. everything (alles) :: For once he just wanted to be hugged and kissed and held and be told that everything would be okay
122. everywhere (oral) :: To Lease signs are everywhere in what was once one of Manhattans premier districts
123. evidence (bewyse) :: At the moment it appears that workers do not have to provide evidence of their belief
124. evil (kwaad) :: Logically if one follows the common mores of the west the intent to do harm would be evil
125. exact (presiese) :: His mind conjured the most amazing most subtle and cruel plan to exact his revenge
126. exactly (presies) :: The brothel turned out when I went to check it out to be exactly as Phillip described it
127. exaggerate (oordryf) :: The notorious exaggerator in fact put down just about everyone who was not German blue blood or to the manor born
128. exaggerated (oordrewe) ::
129. exam (eksamen) :: Spina bifida especially if severe can be diagnosed before birth by ultrasound exam
130. examination (ondersoek) :: A neurological examination is performed to look for any signs of brain dysfunction
131. examine (ondersoek) :: Through the diary we know how well every student that Steklov examined performed in their examination
132. example (byvoorbeeld) :: Noun gender is an example of a more general phenomenon that of inflection classes
133. excellent (uitstekende) :: A quite excellent place to eat and the perfect place to end a very busy and interesting day
134. except (behalwe) :: I love a trip to the cinema except for the rather sticky residue on the floor
135. exception (uitsondering) :: The exceptions to the rule are on our coasts and hills just where objectors do not want them to be
136. exchange (ruil) :: The vouchers are sent to the group who can either use them in store or exchange them for cash
137. excite (opgewonde) :: Third to excite feelings of devotion these being aroused more effectively by things seen than by things heard
138. excited (opgewonde) :: Our breathing was quick and shallow but this only made me more excited
139. excitement (opwinding) :: I woke up this morning with a knot of excitement and anticipation nestling comfortably in my stomach
140. exciting (opwindend) :: When we bought our house it came with many things an excitingly explosive stove for example but a properlyfenced boundary wasnt one of them

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