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121. discover (ontdek) :: you never know what youll discover
122. discovery (ontdekking) :: Stagecoach workers made the startling discovery after checking inside the box for security reasons
123. discuss (bespreek) :: So we relaxed in their company sipping beer at the poolside bar while discussing our plans for the weekend
124. discussion (bespreking) :: the committee acts as a forum for discussion
125. disease (siekte) :: poor nutrition can cause disease
126. disgust (walging) :: Some small shareholders were so upset by events they walked out in disgust
129. dish (gereg) :: It goes without saying that you should have a glass of hot sweet amber tea and if your sweet tooth is acting up try a dish of figs with cream for dessert
130. dishonest (oneerlik) :: Losing honorably may signify lack of preparation but dishonest winning signifies lack of character
131. disk (skyf) :: When machine seeding plant in a shallow furrow or spread seeds out and disk them into the soil
132. dislike (afkeer) :: despite her dislike of publicity she was quite a celebrated figure
133. dismiss (ontslaan) :: So dont dismiss surfing as a sport for Hawaiians and Australians only
134. display (vertoning) :: The headup display features symbology compatible with frontline aircraft
135. dissolve (ontbind) :: Generally church courts do not dissolve marriages but annul them by declaring that no genuine marriage took place
136. distance (afstand) :: The reason is that there were some bad pagan customs surrounding cemeteries and he wanted to distance his people from them
137. distinguish (onderskei) :: The smell of ozone was thick in the air and smoke and dust was everywhere making it impossible to distinguish anything
138. distribute (versprei) :: the birds are mainly distributed in marshes and river valleys
139. distribution (verspreiding) :: the distribution of wealth
140. district (distrik) :: central business district

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