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121. clock (klok) :: The Escort came back with 254 miles on the clock
122. close (naby) :: I cant help thinking about all those mothers and fathers and children who lost close family
123. close (naby) :: I cant help thinking about all those mothers and fathers and children who lost close family
124. closed (gesluit) :: He paused examining the closed sliding doors as if he could see our servants huddled behind them
125. closet (kas) :: But now their stormtrooper tactics have come out of the closet for all the world to see
126. cloth (doek) :: When woollen cloth was woven on a handloom the nap had to be combed in order to raise it
127. clothes (klere) :: Try on jackets and outer garments over the clothes theyll be worn with
128. clothing (klere) :: I find that a lot of professional clothing with a tailored look doesnt fit me well
129. cloud (wolk) :: If we have peace of mind we can weather through the rough patches but guilt hatred or depression can cloud the brightest day
130. club (klub) :: a social club
131. coach (afrigter) :: Two of the added displays that the museum will now have room to exhibit are velvet cushion chairs from an early railroad coach and a large rail cutting saw
132. coal (steenkool) :: I would often dream of steering that train or even shovelling coal into its boilers
133. coast (kus) :: The search for a missing yachtsman whose boat ran aground on the North East coast has been scaled down
134. coat (Jas) :: she wore a pale linen coat and skirt
135. code (kode) :: whats the code for Kerry
136. coffee (koffie) :: Others may choose to boil water in a pot on the stove and add instant or finely ground coffee
137. coin (munt) :: Thats a lot of coin even for someone as wealthy as Johnson an heir to the Johnson amp Johnson fortune
138. cold (koue) :: His eyes opened revealing cold blue orbs sparkling with an inner light
140. collapse (inval) :: The worstcase scenario is that the single currency will collapse leaving member countries to start afresh with their discarded currencies

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