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121. brain (brein) :: The movements your muscles make are coordinated and controlled by the brain and nervous system
122. branch (tak) :: branch of an artery
123. brand (merk) :: you can still invent your own career be your own brand
124. brave (dapper) :: The two brave warriors are about to be absorbed
125. bread (brood) :: On the kitchen counter sat a freshly baked loaf of bread and a large chocolate cheesecake
126. break (breek) :: whose break is it
127. breakfast (ontbyt) :: Because nearly all of our breakfasters are single their seasonal needs include somebody to be thinking about them
128. breast (bors) :: Thinking to comfort her love Seraph sat and cradled Heart to her breast combing her hair to calm her
129. breath (asem) :: Pedro is a breath away from signing with the Mets
130. breathe (asem te haal) :: we are polluting the air we breathe
131. breathing (asemhaling) :: There is a stream of diacritics that look like the Greek breathings but should not be conflated with them
132. breed (broei) :: Birds might breed there but in fact the reproduction success is not high enough to maintain the population
133. brick (baksteen) :: a large brick building
134. bridge (brug) :: a railway bridge
135. brief (kort) :: His blank expression broke into a brief grin that disappeared almost as quickly as it had come
136. briefly (kortliks) :: Briefly two major assumptions were made for the calculation
137. bright (helder) :: The songs plea for action is underlined by their bright clear choruses
138. brilliant (briljant) :: The light was alone shining its brilliant rays into the nothingness
140. broad (breƫ) :: However Greenspan dropped broad hints that future cuts could be more modest

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