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121. amuse (amuseer) :: I nodded my head amusedly accepting the title
122. amused (geamuseerd) ::
123. amusing (amusante) :: On the bus I befriend a punky little Quebecois tree planter and a kid from Beaumont who amusingly make fun of some of the other passengers
124. analyse (analiseer) ::
125. analysis (analise) :: He also made contributions to analytic number theory Diophantine analysis and numerical functions
126. ancient (antieke) :: While few details of the screenplay written by Gibson himself have been released the story concerns an ancient civilization 3000 years in the past
127. and (en) :: That will be three thousand and eighty dollars with four cents as my tip
128. anger (woede) :: For some reason the sergeant major had decided to choose me to vent his anger on
129. angle (hoek) :: Ralph had begun to angle for an invitation
130. angry (kwaad) :: However many local residents are angry that the council has refused to hold a public inquiry into the site
131. animal (dier) :: to eat like an animal
132. ankle (enkel) :: These two bones together link the leg to the foot at the ankle joint although it is the tibia which carries all the weight
133. anniversary (herdenking) :: On our two month anniversary he got mad at me and slapped me across the face
134. announce (kondig) :: One party would announce an expensive fixall policy that would be so complex and politically contested as to influence noone in and of itself
135. annoy (irriteer) :: I am annoyed at those who refer to just the more affluent areas not the town as a whole
136. annoyed (vererg) :: He was also seriously annoyed by the absence of a bus shelter in Ferrybank which meant people had to queue in the rain
137. annoying (irriterende) :: My prescription hadnt changed much but annoyingly trivially my contact lens prescription has
138. annual (jaarlikse) :: The loan is repayable over 14 years with a fouryear grace period and fixed annual interest of 149 per cent
140. another ('n ander) :: It is yet another of the many enigmas which surround this extraordinary building

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