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101. shake (skud) :: I placed my hand in his expecting a shake but he surprised me by bringing my hand to his lips and placing a butterfly kiss on my knuckles
102. shall (sal) :: Ill help you shall I
103. shallow (vlak) :: Jasmins breathing was shallow and her face flushed
104. shame (skande) :: Its just a shame to see the same ground being walked theres got to be other topics that wellproduced anime can address but Im still waiting
105. shape (vorm) :: Renny was still in sore shape from the gunshot wounds and broken ribs but he was now out of danger
107. share (aandeel) :: Everybody has to contribute his share to the execution of the overall plan adopted by the Government
108. sharp (skerp) :: Quick intervention begins with keen sensitivity and sharp observation
110. shave (skeer) :: The consequence that interests us the most here is that youll be able to achieve a much closer shave
111. she (sy) :: only include your child if you know she wont distract you
112. sheep (skape) :: And we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand
113. sheet (vel) :: Use permanent markers to avoid smudging and place a sheet of ruled paper underneath so that the writing is evenly spaced
114. shelf (rak) :: In 1965 a sudden change occurred drift ice and polar water covered the north Icelandic shelf during spring
115. shell (dop) :: the sound of the shell passing over followed by the explosion
116. shelter (skuiling) :: The wall is paved by bricks and filled with earth and during war time it served to shelter people in the town from disaster
117. shift (verskuiwing) :: hes on the morning shift
118. shine (skyn) :: The shoe shine is becoming a lost art sadly
119. shiny (blink) :: Remember that surface flatness is always much more important than shininess
120. ship (skip) :: From its piers Iraq began to ship the goods from those factories to buyers in other countries throughout the region

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