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101. reproduce (reproduseer) :: Assane Dione has painted a portrait of Amadou Bamba that has been reproduced and sold as a snapshotsized print all over Senegal for several years now
102. reputation (reputasie) :: And they have earned for him a reputation as an artist whose work displays rich religious resonance
103. request (versoek) :: If not then it is up to you to request this information
104. require (vereis) :: you require a parents permission
105. requirement (vereiste) :: This idea may appear rather orthodox to Aer Linguss management but it seems to us that one of the key requirements of a service business is that it be kept open for customers
106. rescue (redding) :: Two women who tried to battle a wall of flames to rescue a man trapped in his blazing home were today praised by firefighters
107. research (navorsing) :: As well educational facilities and space research has reached the stage of advanced nations
108. reservation (bespreking) :: The third ground of reservation is connected with the manner in which a benefice has become vacant
109. reserve (reserwe) :: she trusted him without reserve
110. resident (inwoner) :: Toxicity nutritional deficiency and competition with resident species are the primary causal factors in their host plant separation
111. resist (weerstaan) :: In more recent years however defenders of the minimal state view have used a variant of this argument to resist the expansion of public programs
112. resistance (weerstand) :: They used to be frequently invoked as an inspiring example of heroic resistance to injustice and oppression
113. resolve (los) :: The same cast of mind also tended to seek simple universal formulae to resolve any problem no matter how complex
114. resort (oord) :: It is the option of first recourse and of last resort
115. resource (hulpbron) :: Despite our resourcelessness we were therefore full of a new energy and excitement
116. respect (opsigte) :: I have a profound sense of respect for the inherent qualities of these images and work outward from there
117. respond (reageer) :: If it occurs it will respond quickly to local treatment
118. response (reaksie) :: Rian grabbed a pencil and wrote down a quick response and tossed the piece of paper back to her
119. responsibility (verantwoordelikheid) :: Such mutual independence supported by collective responsibility through state institutions seems like a good thing to me
120. responsible (verantwoordelik) :: The group shares openly their struggles and ultimately their triumphs as they behave as responsible young adults

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