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101. planet (planeet) :: It lay in the drive to further hand the fate of the planet and the worlds poor over to big business
102. planning (beplanning) :: planning authority
104. plastic (plastiek) :: At the same time AmEx will step up its drive to wean large companies and small businesses from checks to corporate plastic
105. plate (plaat) :: She said the funeral was due to take place at 1pm next Wednesday at Pocklington Church with a plate collection for Leeds General Infirmary
107. play (speel) :: The most likely explanation is that all of these factors were in play
108. player (speler) :: Somewhere in the gardens a gamelan player spreads a musical spell charming the moon to rise like a mirror out of the sea
109. pleasant (aangename) :: You can feel the force in her acting now and its such a very pleasant surprise
110. please (asseblief) :: Yes please but lets have a proper debate first
112. pleasing (verblydend) :: The materials used on the exteriors give the house a pleasing weathered appearance
113. pleasure (plesier) :: Claire started struggling again at this newfound sensation of pain and pleasure
114. plenty (baie) :: Faced with such plenty it is hard to understand how anyone could go hungry in this part of the world
115. plot (komplot) :: The great weakness in the love plot of the novel as Trollope perceived was that Ralph the Heir is so chronically and incurably weak
116. plug (prop) :: The big rod flexed again and again driving the plug across the water

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