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102. interpret (interpreteer) :: Its easy to interpret his angelic temper and indifference to human intrusion as friendliness
103. interpretation (interpretasie) :: This doctrine lives on today as one of many maxims for contractual interpretation
104. interrupt (onderbreek) :: At one point though the activities were briefly interrupted following an unexpected development
107. interview (onderhoud) :: He also gave an interview with a Dutch radio station the web audio transcript of which a Dutch friend kindly located for me
108. into (in) :: Police said the car had left the road and crashed into the tree on the side of the A420
109. introduce (stel) :: Initial modules introduce less complex concepts and situations which are built upon by progressively more complex negotiation scenarios and strategies
110. introduction (inleiding) :: The trio brought elusive tension to the sometimes brooding slow introduction before the bright melody is introduced
111. invent (bedink) :: I invented the story of this Roman woman who went to a fort south of Hadrians Wall to join her husband
112. invention (uitvinding) :: Tolkien was more preoccupied with his invention of an artificial mythology than with character development
113. invest (belĂȘ) :: While the Oscar felt more like a lifetime achievement award the role invested Hepburn with the kind of humanity and concern for family that helped contradict her latecareer screen image
114. investigate (ondersoek) :: I dont draw attention to myself in public and therefore I dont think Im fair game for anyone to investigate me
116. investment (belegging) :: The band will soon be releasing a live album which will be well worth the investment
117. invitation (uitnodiging) :: This is no lesson in morality but an invitation to seduction
118. invite (nooi) :: I was invited to read some of it at School Assembly and after that my stutter went
119. involve (betrek) :: I mean the club certainly makes enough money without having to be involved in such activities
120. involved (betrokke) :: This is quite a complex and involved question with a number of points to be addressed

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