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101. equivalent (ekwivalent) :: These credits can be applied to medical services at Woodhull for an equivalent dollar value
102. error (fout) :: Now as a consequent of inadvertent human error conditions are contrary to preferred expectations
103. escape (ontsnapping) :: The files were dated June 26 2004 and included details about escape routes evacuation plans and road closures
104. especially (veral) :: it was hard especially as they had no food
105. essay (opstel) :: The newsreader forced a glassy smile and essayed a limp defence
106. essential (noodsaaklik) :: The love of beauty is an essential part of human nature
108. establish (vestig) :: What I am trying to do now is to establish contacts with various Bulgarian cultural and educational organisations and institutions
109. estate (boedel) :: programs for the improvement of mans estate
110. estimate (skatting) :: Last years estimates put the cost of the project at 113 billion
113. even (selfs) :: Since you play in hands of five you must eliminate two cards from the deck to have an even number of ten hands
114. evening (aand) :: Many cultures eat the main meal at midday and have a light meal in the evening
115. event (gebeurtenis) :: The best that most of us can do is to live with it enjoy it and be thankful it is such a rare event
116. eventually (uiteindelik) :: It was this which resulted in two years of falling sales and eventually to his departure
117. ever (ooit) :: did you ever hear the like
118. every (elke) :: The physical effort of having to be at the theatre every night became too much to handle
119. everybody (almal) :: everybody is welcome
120. everyone (almal) :: Thats not to say we have won everyone over and all our publicity is going to be good from now on

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