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101. circle (sirkel) :: Were sitting in his spacious living room which is furnished with two couches and a dozen plastic green chairs arranged in a circle
102. circumstance (omstandigheid) :: It was a poorly paid job and he was brought up in financially difficult circumstances
103. citizen (burger) :: And selfless sons and daughters grow up to become selfless citizens of the world
104. city (Stad) :: But we do not accept this fate with the torpor of other city dwellers
105. civil (burgerlike) :: With the birth of civil and military aviation in the early 1900s the focus of weather intelligence shifted from ballistics studies to aviation support
106. claim (eis) :: Some householders then claim compensation from the council and the council demands the builder repays that compensation
107. clap (klap) :: When I got off the train there was a clap of thunder and a flash of lightening
108. class (klas) :: How do we get back middle class white collar voters
109. classic (klassieke) :: A necktie is so classic it is almost a joke but it doesnt have to be
110. classroom (klaskamer) :: We are building extra classrooms across the country and I have some statistics to prove what I am saying
111. clean (skoon) :: When he wiped his hand on a clean piece of paper the image of Africa that appeared inspired his publisher to turn the hand into a series of lithographs
112. clear (duidelik) :: The pupils were black and surrounding them was a ring of clear blue
113. clearly (duidelik) :: The language is very simple and when they have had to use an unusual term it is clearly explained
114. clerk (klerk) :: This was about the clerk of that parish whose wife used to wash the parsons surplices
115. clever (slim) :: I saw nothing original or clever or ingenious about this film
116. click (klik) :: its normal for a click to select an item
117. client (kliƫnt) :: The three lawyers and the clients were doing all the talking and I knew that Professor Sutherland wasnt going to ask me questions
118. climate (klimaat) :: I understand the economic climate is different to two years ago and they think it will be harder to find people to invest
119. climb (klim) :: Passengertrain performance began to climb increasing steadily into the 1990s

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