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101. bomb (bom) :: On the second play of the second half Manning took advantage of a dazed Aaron Glenn and hit Wayne on a 57yard bomb
102. bone (been) :: In contrast fossilized bone is believed to be completely mineralized meaning no organics are present
103. book (boek) :: give me a ring Im in the book
104. boot (stewel) :: The standard Denver boot is designed to fit vehicles that have a flat rim face
105. border (grens) :: Extra police officers are being posted at polling booths and on patrol duties and France has tightened controls along its border with Spain
106. bore (gebaar) :: The secret they say is to pull the trigger of the 12 bore shotgun the instant the bird is spotted
107. bored (verveeld) :: They all took a shaky breath then started chanting some sort of incomprehensible song with the bored rushed tones of someone who has performed said song many times before
108. boring (vervelig) :: Yet in comparison to the competition it is boringly ordinary its not as intellectually sound as recent academic studies and its not as interesting as the popular histories
109. born (Gebore) :: Dame Elizabeth was born to American parents and left London for Los Angeles when she was seven
110. borrow (leen) :: designers consistently borrow from the styles of preceding generations
111. boss (baas) :: While a fragmented helmet had been unusually wrought from one piece of iron the shield boss and sword pommel can only be paralleled by Swedish finds
112. both (beide) :: Dickens and Joyce both were excellent writers
113. bother (pla) :: In fact by the next election this should all be so automated that I wont even have to bother to show up
114. bottle (bottel) :: Who knew drinking out of a baby bottle could be so much fun
115. bottom (onderkant) :: In the arena of open competition the talkers are quickly moved to the bottom of the rankings
116. bound (gebonde) :: The container was loaded onto a ship at Zeebrugge bound for Ireland and police believe that is the most likely place for them to have stowed away
117. bowl (bak) :: But the stadium is a bowl with two tiers all the way round and its kind of on top of you
118. box (boks) :: the royal box
119. boy (seuntjie) :: Events dear boy events prevented me posting as much as I would have liked
120. boyfriend (kêrel) :: We can keep an eye on her apartment and squeeze information from previous boyfriends

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