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101. alongside (saam) :: Will Greenwood returns from international duty and takes his place in the centre alongside Dafydd James
102. aloud (hardop) :: he wept aloud
103. alphabet (alfabet) :: Modern scientific studies find that only the brains left hemisphere is active in speaking foreign languages made up of alphabets
105. already (reeds) :: He also suffered a broken nose and has already been to hospital twice to have treatment
106. also (ook) :: It may come as a bit of a surprise to know that I also have a keen interest in language
107. alter (verander) :: A City of York Council spokesman said the authority would not have to be informed if the repairs were like for like and would not alter the building
108. alternative (alternatiewe) :: Here in the States alternative media have become extremely compartmentalised
110. although (hoewel) :: He admitted that although overall crime levels had come down the fear of crime had not
111. altogether (geheel en al) :: Im not at the point where Im a danger to other road users if I were I would stop night driving altogether
112. always (altyd) :: On these occasions he always professed his innocence of the murder although he knew who did it
114. amaze (verbaas) :: What amazes me is that the President himself is not clamoring for an investigation
115. amazed (verbaas) ::
116. amazing (ongelooflike) :: I hold courses on codependence and have seen amazing results and complete life changes in a very short time
117. ambition (ambisie) :: his ambition to succeed was clear
118. ambulance (ambulans) :: The authors concluded that unnecessary use of emergency ambulances would decline if alternatives were provided
119. among (onder) :: Theres a growing suspicion among the general public that corruption and fraud is rife
120. amount (bedrag) :: Hopefully my legs will permit a reasonable amount of wandering about places of interest

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