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81. wire (draad) :: Glass beads on Maasai necklaces are strung onto thin commercial wire
82. wise (wys) :: Unfortunately though he was wise in certain matters he seemed to blind to other matters
83. wish (wil) :: As bad as he felt he didnt wish his misery on anyone else
84. with (met) :: In libel the burden of proof rests with the defendant and there is no entitlement to legal aid
85. withdraw (onttrek) :: Slowly withdraw the key and place it on the ground Sheldon directed
86. within (binne) :: The scheme will now be expanded to cover the whole area within the city centre ring road and not just the main shopping areas
87. without (sonder) :: His second wife Bettye tied the knot without mentioning that shed been married before
88. witness (getuie) :: By law if three or more people witness a crime on the scale of murder the one who committed the crime had no right to a fair trial
89. woman (vrou) :: Miranda was the true career woman so they picked her to get pregnant and look how miserable theyve made her
91. wonderful (wonderlike) :: If the concert had been at the South Bank or the Barbican I would have had to decline the drinkup but the wonderfulness of working at the heart of Westminster Village was the ability to nip to the concert as an interval in the works drinkies
92. wood (hout) :: This will become the first housing scheme in the UK to be communally heated with piped hot water from a single boiler fuelled by waste wood from local timber
93. wooden (hout) :: But it is when you realise that this has done nothing to increase the acting average that the woodenness of the performances becomes truly evident
94. wool (wol) :: beaver wool
95. word (woord) :: John you have my word well talk about those other officers and what theyre struggling with right now
96. work (werk) :: With remarkable royal originality the Prince first inquired as to Rons line of work
97. worker (werker) :: I got a reputation for being a worker
98. working (werk) :: The objective of the project is to research and make a working model of a body system
99. world (wêreld) :: He wants us to see his work in precisely the same way we observe the world as we move through it
100. worried (bekommerd) :: Think of the last thing that made you feel bad nervous or worried

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