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81. threatening (dreigende) :: In 2002 he received a police caution this time for sending a threatening letter
82. three (drie) :: They have put in an amount of hard work over the past three years with nothing to show for it
83. throat (keel) :: Quickly he placed the knife in front of her throat causing the girl to jump slightly
84. through (deur) :: Up to six retailers are attempting to hawk their leases through agents to see if anyone will take over their units
85. throughout (regdeur) :: the game was very even throughout
86. throw (gooi) :: His final throw on the subject of alterations to the bill before publication came on the 14 February
87. thumb (duim) :: This section passes through the four fingers the thumb having been seen for the last time in the preceding section
89. thus (dus) :: These results will be placed as pins on the world map and thus capture predefined squares
90. ticket (kaartjie) :: And hovering over them all is the constant threat of the police who ticket the men tirelessly leading to hundreds of dollars in fines and repeated stays in jail
91. tidy (netjies) :: By the day of the party Rowena and Sammy were entirely unpacked the apartment was tidy and the food preparations were on schedule
92. tie (das) :: Norman needed a par to tie with Nicklaus
93. tight (stywe) :: However others have reservations about tight rules being put down about redevelopment in Middleton and Bradford Council has not granted the status
95. time (tyd) :: By this time the amount of noise I was making had woken the neighbours
96. timetable (rooster) :: Train timetables will generally end at around 8pm tonight
98. tiny (klein) :: If they do then it will revolutionise ideas about how much tiny babies can learn
99. tip (wenk) :: He tapped a spot on the map with the rubber tip of his pointer the synthetic oil refinery at Odertal Germany
100. tire (band) :: It is a dance swirling and whirling until one person tires of it or moves on to a new partner

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