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81. series (reeks) :: Each of those teams has a starter who is capable of winning two games in a playoff series
82. serious (ernstige) :: I fear that this may well have some serious repercussions for many innocent Muslims
83. seriously (ernstig) :: Are these same people seriously suggesting that we renounce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well
84. servant (dienaar) :: Father should at least hire servants who dont cringe in fear at any given moment
85. serve (dien) :: serve white wines chilled
86. service (diens) :: You may get a locally trained technician to service the machines and robotics
87. session (sessie) :: Gardner may have sunk a few pints in an afternoon drinking session with his brother but the freelance chef and occasional actor isnt a serial killer plotting the disposal of his latest victim
88. set (stel) :: By that time the bones had set so doctors had to break the bones again in order to permit a proper resetting
89. settle (vestig) :: Find a nice girl and settle down bring up some children get a steady job in management
90. seven (sewe) :: If the seven of the trump suit is led it wins
91. seventeen (sewentien) :: He looked about sixteen or seventeen and his black hair was spiked up
92. seventy (sewentig) :: its seventy cm long
93. several (verskeie) :: The young mother moved to Glasgow with her family from Pakistan several years ago
94. severe (ernstige) :: Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Boiko Borissov has proposed severe punishments for everyone involved in illegal logging
95. sew (naaldwerk) :: Balzano coaches her kids sews their outfits from scratch and even drives the tour bus
96. sewing (naaldwerk) :: Even on the night of Chuns funeral she returns to her sewing
97. sex (seks) :: Shame on these women who dont use their power to help the weaker members of their sex
98. sexual (seksuele) :: We then come to the question of gender and sexual equality
99. shade (skaduwee) :: her elegant pink and black ensemble would put most outfits in the shade
100. shadow (skaduwee) :: But even within the memory of this splendid Olympics there still hangs the huge shadow of the use of performance enhancing substances

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