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82. physics (fisika) :: In making these points Edwards had the backing of the mechanistic and deterministic Newtonian physics of his day
83. piano (klavier) :: There is a crescendo a sudden piano a diminuendo and quiet ending in D
84. pick (af te haal) :: He was the pick of the performers last season at halfback and stood out as one of the better players in a team that has taken a battering weekin and weekout
85. picture (prent) :: In my minds eye I could picture him standing at our bedroom door
86. piece (stuk) :: She left her job to pursue that dream and had even purchased a small piece of property to start the business in
87. pig (vark) :: In terms of food it is usually a roast suckling pig and rice but it can even be a sandwich
88. pile (paal) :: One afternoon when I came on shift I found it lying in a heap behind a pile of boxes
89. pill (pil) :: For those of you women who smoke and are not allowed to be on the pill but hate condoms this seems like a great contraceptive right
90. pilot (vlieƫnier) :: The squirrel fem that was the command pilot of the second ship did not like this in the least
91. pin (speld) :: This short pin driven through a hole drilled through the knobs shank and the spindle was hidden by its rose when in place on the door
92. pink (pienk) :: Whats happening to the world when the color pink comes back in style
94. pipe (pyp) :: Fill the bag with the roux and pipe long sausages of the mixture on to the tray
95. pitch (steek) :: A corridor for media and officials is placed between the seating terraces and the boundary wall of the pitch
96. pity (jammer) :: It would be a pity nevertheless if Sean Connery missed his chance to straighten out the record
97. place (plek) :: he got a place on the bench
98. plain (vlakte) :: Do they choose plain girls with no education or sense of style and who will happily consider going to McDonalds on Saturday night
100. plane (vliegtuig) :: Use a scraping plane or rasp on cut edges to smooth any roughness

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