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81. mile (myl) :: It missed the other man by miles instead coming to rest beside Erics desk
82. military (militêre) :: Confident in their military prowess they preferred to try the arbitrament of war
83. milk (melk) :: the breed does seem to milk better in harder conditions
86. million (miljoen) :: There is no way any of us are going to get her an elite card not even if we won a million on the lottery
88. mind (gedagte) :: Now you mind your manners young man or therell be no meatloaf leftovers for supper
89. mine (myn) :: More would teach you how to mine for minerals smelt metals process the raw supplies
90. mineral (minerale) :: The countrys lack of mineral resources weak colonial institutions and early cultivation of coffee allowed stable democratic foundations to form
93. ministry (bediening) :: But the most important result is that in a divided Church ministry is not efficacious
94. minor (klein) :: Against this kind of background the Northern Ireland situation is of much more minor importance
95. minority (minderheid) :: So it looks as if for the foreseeable future unfurnished properties will comprise a tiny minority of the private rented market
96. minute (minuut) :: Any evidence recovered is then scrutinised in minute detail back at the laboratory
97. mirror (spieël) :: Because of this twist the second act is a distorted mirror of the first act taking place on a similar weekend two years later
98. miss (mis) :: Twice the big Englishman was presented with a gaping goal and the perfect ball but twice he somehow contrived to miss the target
99. missing (ontbreek) :: In India the official death toll has reached 10744 with 5669 still reported missing and feared dead
100. mistake (fout) :: So what is proposed is that a spelling mistake is corrected

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