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81. lively (lewendige) :: Ever since he broke into Alexs first team as a lively 16year old away to Gillingham in October 2000 he has looked the part
82. living (lewende) :: She is the newest addition to the long list of star ambassadors preaching the benefits of healthy living
83. load (vrag) :: It took them four days just to fill the bowls at home and about three hours to load the van to transport them
84. loan (lening) :: If anyone wants to take out a loan borrow money or get something on hire purchase they have to agree to a credit check being done on them to make sure they are safe with other peoples money
85. local (plaaslike) :: Well be forced then to reevaluate our food systems and place more emphasis on energy efficient agricultural methods like smallerscale organic agriculture and on local production wherever possible
86. locate (spoor) :: Following an unfruitful attempt to locate the exact original site we chose a spot on Lake Champlain in the general area
88. location (plek) :: I dont otherwise want to move I have a large place in a convenient location with reasonable rent that allows pets which isnt easy to find
89. lock (sluit) :: Wed slam each other in turn sometimes dragging the other down to the mat to grapple in laughter cut off suddenly by a choke or a tapout from a lock
90. logic (logika) :: Formal logic is applied again this time to determine whether a premature or erroneous idea prevails
91. logical (logiese) :: the layout is logical enough
92. lonely (eensaam) :: Instead she spent lonely hours at home scared that she may never hear again
93. long (lank) :: The front two had little support other than balls knocked long to alleviate the pressure
94. look (kyk) :: This is one of the most interesting and unusual chapters in the history of town twinning and therefore deserves a closer look
95. loose (los) :: While beanbags are safe they pose a risk if loose beads escape from the bean bags
97. lord (Here) :: Those who are stronger prettier and quicker tend to lord it over the kids who dont have those qualities that make one popular
98. lorry (vragmotor) :: The village was being covered with dust from the 30ton lorries thundering through it from the nearby quarry
99. lose (verloor) :: I love Brady because he never misses a week and he rarely does anything to lose you games
100. loss (verlies) :: He is a great loss to the Trien community and will be sadly missed by all who knew him

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