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81. instead (plaas) :: Many parents are choosing to send their kids to school with packed lunches instead
82. instead of (in plaas van) ::
83. institute (instituut) :: Those members of our profession involved in the institute should examine their consciences
84. institution (instelling) :: Undoubtedly the fact that the institution of slavery froze billions of dollars of capital into human beings was of great importance in maintaining this way of life
85. instruction (opdrag) :: The first day of instruction the teacher asked students to summarize the problem in the video
87. insult (belediging) :: You know your comment about there being more jobs in America then ever is a real stupid remark and an insult to hourly workers of America
89. insurance (versekering) :: But if you have recently incorporated your business and are drawing money by way of dividends rather than salary to save national insurance you may need to revisit your pension planning
90. intelligence (intelligensie) :: From September of 1970 he served in the Urals Military District as intelligence chief of a missile battalion
91. intelligent (intelligente) :: There appear to be intelligent arguments both for and against this plan
92. intend (plan) :: He had agreed to supply wire to cut the prison bars but said he never intended the plan to be put into effect and believed that it could not possibly succeed
93. intended (bedoel) :: This is a position taken by some feminist writers who have argued that only research on women that is intendedly for women will be consistent with the wider political needs of women
94. intention (bedoeling) :: She tried very hard to keep to the spirit of the Buddhas teachings and maintain purity of intention
95. interest (belangstelling) :: they took little interest in education
96. interested (belangstel) :: The Home Secretary has appeared as an interested party to contest the allegation of incompatibility
97. interesting (interessant) :: With having not watched any the day before and the interestingness of the matches on the show courts I was quite looking forward to watching some tennis and my was it gripping
98. interior (binneland) :: Alternatively it can be switched on when the engine is idle to heat the car interior
99. internal (interne) :: Keep in mind that standards are internal they are not something that you can or should push on to someone else
100. international (internasionale) :: The gourmet restaurant La Truffe serves the sumptuous dinners you would expect in an international hotel

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