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81. enquiry (ondersoek) :: This will generate yet more lines of inquiry for the press to explore
82. ensure (verseker) :: If you must do something try ensuring the quality of company information improves instead
83. enter (betree) :: So when you enter your information its going to a criminal somewhere in the Internet whos taking that data and using it for financial crime
84. entertain (vermaak) :: a private dining room where members could entertain groups of friends
86. entertaining (vermaaklike) :: When youve been talking to yourself for decades and imposing speech codes on everyone else your ability to argue coherently let alone entertainingly inevitably wanes
87. entertainment (vermaak) :: everyone just sits in front of the television for entertainment
88. enthusiasm (entoesiasme) :: Already it has commented on this newspapers enthusiasm for the idea and the endorsement of local MPs
89. enthusiastic (entoesiastiese) :: It was a very enthusiastic meeting and I know Im going to get a lot of support from the people there
90. entire (hele) :: I find it best to cache each object on a page separately rather than caching the entire page as a whole
91. entirely (geheel en al) :: For the next month he was completely sober focusing entirely on what was happening
92. entitle (geregtig) :: Have you claimed all the tax allowances and credits that youre entitled to
93. entrance (ingang) :: their entrance into the political arena
94. entry (inskrywing) :: While the crowd settled down with the initial bang the star of the show made his entry
95. envelope (koevert) :: Providers know that they have to work within the envelope of resources earned by the insurance plan
96. environment (omgewing) :: It is all the more heartening when one considers that the learning environment is less than ideal
98. equal (gelyk) :: hell be equal to the task

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