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81. ahead (voor) :: She spoke quietly and her eyes darted back toward the road ahead
82. aid (hulp) :: she walked with the aid of a Zimmer frame
83. aim (doel) :: They need lawyers who are prepared to aim at reconciliation and none of that can be achieved by legislation
84. air (lug) :: A faint air of hopelessness overcomes McWhorter as our conversation winds down
85. aircraft (vliegtuig) :: Only the security levy and landing fees for smaller aircraft at peak times have increased
86. airport (lughawe) :: Previously passengers were forced to travel via Heathrow or other hub airports
88. alarmed (bekommerd) ::
89. alarming (onrusbarende) :: The trade in souvenirs made of sea turtle shells has reached an alarming level
90. alcohol (alkohol) :: Shop owner Mr Kirby said he had earlier refused to serve the youth alcohol and he had left without any trouble
91. alcoholic (alkoholiese) :: Well Pelzer suffered the most horrendous abuse from his alcoholic mother that California had ever seen dealt to a child but most importantly he survived
92. alive (lewendig) :: It was really interesting to watch the levels come alive as the team found better and smarter ways of doing things
93. all (almal) :: all I want is to be left alone
94. allied (geallieerde) :: It was even more interesting now the lentils had allied with the onions and were battling the celery
95. allow (toelaat) :: The scarfs purpose is to allow the bobbin case hook to get close to the needle eye and catch the thread to form a stitch
96. all right (alles reg) ::
97. ally (bondgenoot) :: According to friends he enjoys making avian analogies between rare birds and his political allies and enemies
98. almost (byna) :: On the fifth he drove it in a creek to the left and almost broke his club hacking it out of there
99. alone (alleen) :: The second concerns exchange value alone in particular the question of how it is possible for a capitalist to make a profit
100. along (saam) :: So if you plan to take your pet along for the trip this summer heres what you should keep in mind before heading out

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